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Thursday, December 08, 2005



holy cow chris! that's *your* site?

amazing. i came across that yesterday. quite impressive, all the detail. dang!

- dave

Chris Yeh

Yo Dave, you're not alone in being overly obssessed with Narnia.

In my limited "Copious Free Time"(TM), I've been working on building a community wiki for Narnia fans:

I've lost a lot of sleep, but I think it's pretty cool!


Mark Johnson

CS Lewis was a very serious Christian. His most famous non-Narnia work is Mere Christianity, which is a decent read (if you're into that stuff).

I think the Chronicles of Narnia rock. I wish they would have done the movies in Chronological order (i.e. start off with "The Magician's Nephew), but I'm totally stoked to see Aslan kick some butt. In the previews, the CG looks unfreakinbelievable.


I am with you Dave! I am psyched about this movie. I loved the story as a child also and was so surprised when I first heard about it being made into a movie. I hope they have done it justice. Judging by the previews, I don't think we'll be disappointed. Lets compare notes after we have both seen it. Talk to you soon!

- Eric

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