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Wednesday, December 14, 2005



smiley: yep, looks much better now.

(only took them about 6 months to shape up ;)


Um, :-)

Ed Kohler

Google is the master of underpromising and underdeliverying - with the exception of their Analytics program, which should be in beta at best right now.

Many of the APIs are complementary, so having a centralized developer system as opposed to the currnet silo APIs makes sense to me too.

Patrick Chanezon

Thanks for the thoughtful opinion piece Dave. Nelson and his team recruited me to evangelize the AdWords API a few months ago and I agree that out style is not as flamboyant as Ballmer's (hilarious video).
I'd be delighted to discuss that over a beer one of these days, if a beer is enough to pay for the overtime after the first 5 minutes:-)

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