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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Dave McClure

actually, 'commercially-available APIs' is probably too strong a definition -- when Paul launched HousingMaps, the GoogleMaps API was not publicly defined as yet.

in our case, we're mixing together several data sources for jobs (multiple job boards, classifieds, company websites) and business networking data (linkedin). we're also [re]mixing in company research data (D&B), salary research data (PayScale), and job geography / location data (Google Maps).

so whether or not the LinkedIn-SH deal is a mashup in its own right (i'd say it is), the entire SimplyHired offering is pulling info from at least 3-4 public services, which i would definitely call a mashup.

my .02 anyway,

- dave

Robert Leathern

I have been under the impression that mash-ups are when programmer create a new online service or site using commercially-available APIs from more than one source (e.g. Google Maps + Craigslist) -- so while I'm happy about the LinkedIn-SimplyHired arrangement receiving coverage in my favorite publication, I'm not sure it's really a mashup as opposed to a biz dev deal. Am I wrong, Dave?

Ben Barren

I liked the intro to the article on the economist. Like a DJ's intro, the start is always the most important, then we like the mashups. Come to think of it flickr rocks because people write 1-3 words on average.

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