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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Dave McClure

hi Nag -

well, i was hoping the slides were relatively straightforward enought that they didn't need a lot of additional explanation -- i guess based on your question i may have missed the mark there ;)

what in particular didn't seem to make sense?

the overall goal was to outline some basic concepts and strategies on how to create / launch a vertical search service. while not comprehensive, the "top 10 rules" i put together are a variety of techniques that might be helpful in getting traction.

i'll probably put together a little more expanded version of that presentation for this year's Vertical Leap conference, which we are planning to hold here in Silicon Valley later this fall, likely in September or October.


- dave

Hi Dave,

Do you happen to have some post explaining these slides(Top 10 Rules for Vertical Revolutionaries)?

If not, as time permits, could you do a writeup based on those slides?

Nag /at/

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