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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


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Jeff Tokarz

SimplyHired is a terrific Web property. Kudos to the SimplyHired team for a job well done.

Just-Posted, too, is garnering its share of attention with its proprietary new job search tool - mSEARCH!. mSEARCH! enables job seekers to simultaneously search the Web's top job boards and instantly receive matching job leads (and contextual 'career' content) via email. Executable via the Web or email - mSEARCH! can be launched from an email client without ever having to use the Web.

Easily configured - mSEARCH! can be co-branded for third party Web properties to attract and capture highly targeted, qualified visitors. Here are two representative implementations of mSEARCH! on partner sites:


Visit Just-Posted:


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