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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Jeff Clavier

We had a similar discussion at the first "Spam Squashing Summit" and ran into the issue that free services like Blogger or MSN Spaces can be abused by spammers to create all sorts of fake blogs that will juice up their pagerank, linkrank, etc. Therefore relying on the blog URL as an identity only works once the blog has been "validated" one way or another. It sort of works for TypePad users (past the free trial period) b/c creating a paying account does not make economical sense for spammers.

The scoring criteria concept works, but only if one has a limited supply of points that can be given. Otherwise you'll end up with scoring fraud, on the positive or negative side. Check out this post from Doug over at ITConversations about the side effects of such a system when it is abused:

THe Omidyar network has a closed wiki-like collaboration system which includes an interesting reputation framework. Very difficult to replicate in the open, but interesting.

See you at ETech, and we'll be happy to have Buzznet involved in an overall framework.

Dave McClure

another concept just recently posted by some Stanford folks: TrustRank

strikes me as complicated, but then again i probably don't have the higher math & symbolic logic skills anymore to comprehend what the hell these guys have proposed. however, i do know enough to know i shouldn't have played so much pool & foosball in college.... sigh.

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