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Monday, March 28, 2005


Dave McClure

update: was able to locate a 'before' picture by looking up Indeed in the Google cache, so that 'before' and 'after' can be compared...

Dave McClure

agreed, relevance is the top issue. however, it is "relevant" that they made the change after we overtook them on overall # of jobs, and on the night before they issued a press release.

going forward, i'm sure competition will be more about how search relevance is measured by the user (at which i'm sure they do a decent job).

still, it's not insignficant that they decided to switch the metric they display to the rest of the world on their home page...

- dmc

I understand why you think that total number is relevant number for comparison. However from a job searcher's perspective, relevance is based on several factors:

1) How many new jobs are on the network since the last time I searched

2) How many jobs are there in my specific domain?

3) How many new jobs are there in my domain in a particular city (within certain distance)?

Te total number on your network is pretty inconsequential to me.


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