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Friday, February 11, 2005


Coleman Wheeler

Yep, Dave -

Marlo Thomas (of "Free To Be You & Me")
Is Married To Former TV Host Phil Donahue -
& Is The Daughter of Comedian Danny Thomas.

Damon Billian

"that said, i've always considered myself a very spirited and spiritual person. i don't believe in God in the "Supreme Being" sense, but i also don't believe you can prove non-existence."

I don't think "God" is something we can comprehend. I also hate how people fight over basically the same things w/ religion. I also dislike how there's a battle between science & religion, when both have their elements of truth.

Me: I've leaned Buddhist, with all of its faults, because it is more of a philosophical/teaching religion than a preaching/wanting to be dominant one. I wouldn't consider myself a true Buddhist, however...too many bad habits..hahaha.

Is this the Marlo Thomas that was connected to Phil Donahue?

Dr. Seuss works wonders for the English language. I wonder if other languages have their equivalent?

If people really take the time to read what Buddha or Jesus said (or most other religious figures), I think they largely tried to pointing us to things that made us more "human".

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