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Thursday, August 02, 2007


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So its John Dvoraks turn to predict Bubble 2.0. Yawn. Why now? Of course there will be a Bubble - booms are always followed by a bust. Oh, and by the way, I should be a stock-market millionaire: I made all the right calls. Too bad my timi... [Read More]

» Bubble Talk Again from Tech Beat
John Dvorak, who loves to get a ruckus going, contends we're now in a bubble. I'm not convinced by his particular arguments, but I've seen signs of a bubble for awhile now. It still hasn't popped, mostly because the pop... [Read More]



Information overload will be the downfall of web 2.0

Only so much time and so many eyeballs.
Not enough for everyone.

Web 2.0 is an Information Bubble!

The Market can't handle all the Wannabes.

John Dvorak is a big fat RICH idiot.


Don't you see?? That's his shtick! Cranky old dude... and now he'll get all sorts of traffic!

We should ignore him Jack Cafferty style.


Dvorak is not a big fat idiot, he's just a big fat troll. As usual, his asinine writings will drive a ton of hits to his site, which is his only goal.

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