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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Google + YouTube = Video 2.0, or Why Andy Kessler is Dead Wrong and Robert Young Just Might be Right:

» YouTube and Google: I’m Glad Somebody Finally Said It from Jeremy Zawodny's blog
You may have noticed that I never wrote anything about Google’s recent acquisition of YouTube while the rest of the world seemed to be. That’s not entirely true. I wrote about it a bit on an internal mailing list at work. What I read there and all over... [Read More]



Good post.



Thanks for that read - clear words while everyone else isn't getting the fact that Google is just more clever than every other company on the web...


Another reason why you should blog more - this post. :)


Very nice article!

Erik Burns

Dave, I found your thoughts through Zawodny's article. Your post is truly one of the most excellent reads on the YouTube acquisition I have seen. Now who's going to be the next Web 2.0 darling?


Google needed a foothold in the video market. Youtube give it that. Google paid 1.65B for youtube. Its stock went up by 2B in a day. Youtube is already paid :)

Scott Johnson

Thanks for finally pointing out what should have been obvious to guys like Calcanis and Cuban. This is merely a play for a large advertising platform. Google is very much an advertising company these days, and, honestly, folks should understand that by now.

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